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Do you know what a success looks like? It looks like the WFHS BABY BOOMER REUNION on October 2-4, 2014. 

What a terrific weekend. The mood was set early Friday when attending the Coyote Pep Rally followed by the Tailgate Party with the best chili this side of the Mississippi furnished by Barry Thompson. 
Next came the Coyote vs Rider football game, attended by 247 alumni dressed in red and black on Friday night. Since this was the 50th anniversary of the 1st Coyote - Rider district game, it was appropriate that the Coyotes won with a score of 50-36. On Saturday over 100 people toured our beloved Old High, with Joe Golding as our tour guide. 
As Saturday evening approached, the atmosphere intensified with almost 400 alumni came prepared for an old fashioned Bar-B-Que and Sock Hop. Dancing to the Oldies, visiting with friends, good food, Karaoke, free photo booth, silent auctions, door prizes and raffles kept the joint a jumping. We even saw a rendition of the "Gator". 

To be completely blunt if you weren't there you missed one hell of a happening. For those of you that were there, thank you for making this such an unforgetable night, definitely a party only the COYOTES could throw. And as we all know the COYOTES are always up for a party because...... Once a COYOTE, Always a COYOTE.
Terry Pence '69
Committee WFHS
Baby Boomers Reunion
"REMEMBER It's not
KI-OTEES and its not YOTES its KI-OTES"

Butch Breed '66 

      Billy Johnson '66

          Co-Chairperson  #20



Billy Johnson '66
Terry Pence '69, Chairman
Billy Johnson '66, co-chairman
Connie Joyce '69, Secretary
Connie Camp Phillis '69 Treasurer
Barnett McNeely '58
Barry Thompson '69
Bonnie Belcher Lane '68
Charlotte Adams Mendenhall '60
Clay Wages '69
Frieda Rodriguez '69
Jim Potts '68
Joy Vance '78
Kathy Revier Roach '69
Leslie Johnson, Honorary
Linda Harrison Pruitt '66
Marilyn Cummings Wood '66
Mark McDowell '66, Website Mary Cooper Miller '68
Raymond McCoy '69
Randy Hill '76
Randy Townsend '68
Rick Evans '74
Sandy Keys Kennedy '69
Tricia and Joe Golding '69
Vaughn Coffman '69 The Amazing Boomer Committee